PicsArt_1432842057251Full name is Olaniyan Abooluwa John, He completed his secondary education in Ilorin, kwara state and is presently a quantity surveying student of the university of Ilorin, kwara state….. Abooluwa popularly known as Jonnyblake a.k.a Mr lover boy is an upcoming artist with the tag… BLAKE n FROSH.. He is been called d rapper with DA tiny voice and he is striving hard to bring out his best.. He is a guy who has no time for hatred and he’s got a lot of “blakemanians” which is  his tag for his lovers and fans with the idea stolen from His tiny voiced vocal model Korede bello.. He is a cousin to d cousinless a guy with an open heart to accept any beauty as a sister … I think dat should do for now….. Let me tel u his greatest secret: his bae colz him a girl coz he z one of the few guys who doesn’t have much interest  in football…nd coling him that is what vexes him most but since she is his bae, den his hands are tight…………. Dnt try calling him that anyway…. It z dangerous


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